About Vanessa Gibson



My name is Vanessa Gibson and this is my world! I am a wife and mum of 2 small kids, living in Brisbane, Australia.

I am a radio journalist for 97.3fm and 4KQ. I love cooking and sharing recipes. I love running. I love connecting with other mums. I love my local community and I love my church.

I was born in Adelaide in 1985 and moved to Brisbane when I was 3. I am the youngest of 4 girls. I grew up in a Christian home where friends were always welcomed warmly and we learnt the values of kindness, love and generosity.

I married Dean in 2006 and the following years of wedded bliss really have been the best! We have traveled together to China, Singapore, Canada, London and Paris. We both love running, AFL (Brisbane Lions), traveling, coffee and eating.

In February 2010, we were blessed with the birth of our beautiful daughter, Hope Lucia. 18 months later, in August 2011, we welcomed Jed Alexander to the family. They are the light of our lives and bring us joy every day. We love to get out and do things – whether it’s just a walk and play at the playground, a trip to a local café for a baby cino, catching up with friends and family or heading to the library or museum – we aren’t the type of family who sit around twiddling our thumbs!

Life is for living and we try our best to appreciate every day! This site brings together my passions and purposes.

I hope you love it!



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