Product Review: Buji Tea

I was recently sent a lovely package from the team at, to try out this range of detox tea.  The tea helps to improve your inner digestive health, with other benefits like increased energy and reducing fat absorption – all in one little tea bag!

I admit, I’m a coffee lover.  I do enjoy tea, but my heart lies with coffee.  When I started drinking the tea, I was still in my radio job, which meant a 4:15am start every day.  It was also nearing the end of the year, which meant general craziness, late nights and a pretty packed calendar.  But I don’t like to be dependent on coffee, so I was making a point to only drink tea at work, so I wouldn’t get into any bad coffee habits.

I have to say, I really love the taste of the Sunrise Detox Tea.  I thought it might be bitter or flavourless, but it really is the opposite.  And I have to say, it definitely made me feel perky in the mornings – no less than the effect a coffee would normally have, so that’s a win!

There’s also a Siesta Cleanse tea for night time.  This got me into a good habit, because I’m a notoriously bad night-snacker.  That is, once the kids are in bed and I’m sitting down watching TV or doing some work on the computer, the kitchen becomes a free-for-all.  But, instead of reaching for food, a cup of tea gives me something else to consume and it really does have a relaxing effect.

The website also gives you some resources on how to incorporate healthy eating into your detox – because you certainly can’t live on tea alone!  At the very least, I certainly feel better for getting into some good habits, focusing on nourishing my body and cutting down on the caffeine.

You never know, this coffee lover might just become a tea enthusiast yet!

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