Running Season


Cute kids at the start line!

It’s been a while since my last running update & I’m happy to report things are going well!  After being hampered by shin splints, the pain is now gone & I’m back to running almost as normal.  I finished up my 6 weeks as part of the shin pain study at ACU and got some really practical help from the physio there with exercises to do and the best way to return to running.  Basically, I’ve been slowly increasing my distances, but not running two days in a row.

I’ve felt my fitness really take a hit, so I’ve set my next goal as the Jetty 2 Jetty half marathon in July (9 weeks away).  I’m super excited – this will be my first half marathon at an event in almost 2 years & I really really want to set a PB and get under 1:50.  I’ve got a program and am just sticking to 3 runs a week (8-10km including hills, a long run & 5-7km fast).  What I need to work on now is consistency with  strength & core training during the week, as well as proper stretching.  This is where I always struggle, but I’m feeling in a great headspace to get there!


Struggling! Gotta get that time back down to where it was 🙂

I also need to get my nutrition back under control and after a few weeks of not being very disciplined, I really feel I need to drop a couple of kilos and work on that willpower!  Wish me luck 🙂

I was a very proud mum on the weekend with both kids taking part in the Nexus Fresh Start-a-thon down at Brighton.  It was a 1km kids dash and was a wonderful atmosphere where they were cheered over the line by fellow runners!  So cute to see them so keen & getting out there (despite the many walk breaks along the way!)

I’ve been parkrunning each week except when I’m run directing it, and have been about 2 minutes off PB pace.  A bit frustrating, but I know I can improve that in the lead-up to the half.


Very pleased with 10km in 51:35 on the weekend considering I still feel like my fitness has a lot of room for improvement!

I’m happy to be working towards a new goal and can’t wait to get my fitness back to where it was at the end of January, before the shin splints flared up.  Watch this space!

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