Wholefood Choc Pecan Biscuits

choc pecan biscuits

Print Wholefood Choc Pecan Biscuits Author: Vanessa Gibson Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  10 mins Total time:  15 mins Serves: 12   Wow! These biscuits are so delicious, with the added bonus of being made from whole foods! A lovely little treat without the added guilts 🙂 Ingredients 100g almonds 50g shredded coconut 20g coconut oil… 

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Guilt-Free Carrot Cake

guilt free carrot cake

  Print Guilt-Free Carrot Cake Author: Vanessa Gibson   It’s my sister’s birthday this week – she’s turning 33 and she’s pretty awesome! She definitely deserves a delicious cake to celebrate, but she is very health-conscious and can’t eat gluten or dairy. So this is what I came up with! (But shhh, she doesn’t know yet!)… 

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Guilt-Free Apricot & Coconut Loaf

apricot coconut loaf

Print Guilt-Free Apricot & Coconut Loaf Author: Vanessa Gibson   As far as intolerance-friendly and allergy-free baking goes…this is one of the best! It really doesn’t taste much different at all to your standard loaf – yet is totally guilt-free! Let me know if you try it 🙂 Ingredients ¾ cup coconut flour 1 teaspoon gluten-free… 

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Best Basic Biscuits

best basic biscuits

Print Best Basic Biscuits Author: Vanessa Gibson Recipe type: Sweet Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  10 mins Total time:  20 mins Serves: 24   This is the go-to recipe I always use when I’m whipping up a batch of bickies. It’s so easy, I always have the ingredients on hand, and they’re so easily adaptable to make… 

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Banoffee Pie

banoffee pie

See for yourself how easy it is to whip up a delicious Banoffee Pie!  Check out Vanessa’s video here! Print Banoffee Pie Author: Vanessa Gibson Recipe type: Dessert   This dessert is one of my all-time favourites and is such a crowd-pleaser. It’s surprisingly easy to make and is SOOOO delicious! I love this method of making… 

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